Never on Fridays

As a child of the stormy sixties, I’ve survived the assassinations of JFK & MLK. the Cuban missal crisis, the Viet Nam war and the papacy of John XXIII and Vatican II. Pope St. John XXIII was my hero. His Second Vatican Council breathed new life into a stagnant and   ▸

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Of Medication and Magic

June 29th 2021

In 1956, the year I finished high school, I travelled to California with a classmate to work for the Summer. It was a special trip and gave both of us teenagers the opportunity to visit many places for the first time; places like Disneyland, Yosemite and Big Sur country along   ▸

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June 18th 2021

I had the good fortune to be present at the birth of all my 3 children, to witness the miracle of birth. Each was an experience I will never forget. It happened so many years ago, yet those moments of birth are embedded deep in my soul. And yes, as   ▸

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A Meaningful Life

June 4th 2021

All of us experience the loss of a loved one; a spouse, a family member, a friend. It is an unavoidable and normal reality of life. And yet, most of us seem to go out of our way to avoid talking about the topic of death. So, I was pleasantly   ▸

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