Web: Using SmartFTP

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Here's a quick start guide to logging into your Webserver and uploading new files. This guide assumes you are using Windows (sorry) however it's much the same for a Mac or Linux user, just different software.

1) What you'll need.

SmartFTP, your server account details and the files you want to upload. If don't have your CD handy You can download a copy of SmartFTP from www.smartftp.com. Install SmartFTP then start it up. Your account details are on your invoice or you can get them from your server company (Shaw for example).

2) Logging in to your server.

Using the account details provided by your Web host fill in the appropriate boxes in the SmartFTP window (see below). Your window will be deeper than this since I've cropped the image to show just the top part.
For example... Address: ftp.shaw.ca, Loggin: shawusername, Password: shawpassword. Now click on the green arrow button to log in. Don't literally type shawusername, use the details they gave you. :)<

3) Uploading a file.

Once you have logged in you will see a file list in the main part of SmartFTP's window (again see below). To put a file on the server just drag it from your desktop or folder into SmartFTPs file list. If the file is already on the server you will be prompted to confirm whether it should be overwritten with the new version.

4) Logging off.

To disconnect from your server when you've finished FTPing just exit SmartFTP like you would any other application by click on the X in the top right corner.