Web: Starting

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There are three things you'll need to think about when starting a Website. In no particular order these are: Your Domain name, Web host and a theme.

1) Domain name.

Most Website have a domain name, such as erinshore. A domain name is usually a short, easy to remember name ending in .com, .net, .org, .ca or any of the other domain types available. It's usually a good idea to try and get a .com domain as almost everyone understands that .com means Website (it means much more than simply a Website but that's another story which I won't get into here).
    Your domain should mean something to you or to your business, it should make sense. Think about this then jot down a few potential names. Once you have finished your list go to a registrar, I use 123reg, and see if anything on your list is available using the domain search tool. If your domain is available then you should register it as soon as you can as people are grabbing domains all the time. It's very much first come, first served. You can ask me to take care of the domain registration or you are more than welcome to try it yourself.

2) Web host.

Your Website will need somewhere to live. Websites are stored on computers called Webservers, Webservers are just normal computers with lots of harddisk space for storing Websites. They send out Websites when a request is made by a user's Web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer for example).
    You can pay for a Web hosing account or you can use the Web space that comes free with most ISP packages. If you are with Shaw or Telus then you already have a small amount of free Web space you can use. You will need to get the server details for your hosting account in order to store your Website there. There are three pieces of information, your username, password and the server's address. You will use these pieces of information when you FTP files.

3) Theme.

What would you like your Website to look like? Maybe you have an idea, maybe you don't. In either case I would suggest looking around the Web at other Websites and bookmarking any sites you like. You can also visit some of the Websites I've created and note down any features you like. Decide on the colours and fonts to be used, do you like the menu at the top or along the side? How many pictures should be used? Take your time and keep a record of what you like.