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British television producer Gerry Anderson is known for creating the Thunderbirds programme. In 1983 he started a new series which owed a great deal to earlier work on both Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. Welcome to Terrahawks.
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Chris and Gerry Anderson & Burr


A number of Anderson series have been rebroadcast over the years, Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet for example. There have also been new series such as Space Precinct. However my personal favourite will always remain Terrahawks, a wacky but memorable programme from my childhood. Perhaps it was too wacky because as far as I know it's never seen the light of day since the 80's. Who knows maybe, with the current multitude of telly channels, someone will show it again? At least you can buy it on DVD now! :)

So Terrawhat..?

Terrahawks is a Gerry Anderson puppet and model based animation set in the year 2020. Mars has been invaded and the Earth is under threat. A small but well equipped force known as the "Terrahawks" has been prepared on Earth to defend the planet from the aggressors.

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