" Diligence"

MHS saber with Nano Biscotte sound board
  • Plector Labs Nano Biscotte
  • 3.7v 18650 Li-Ion cell for 1.5+ hrs runtime
  • 2 sound banks
  • In-hilt battery charging
  • Illuminated A/V switch
  • Blade flicker and flash
  • Single colour

" Phoenix"

Colour changing MHS saber with PRIZM sound board
  • Plector Labs PC-PRIZM
  • 3.7v 18650 Li-Ion cell for 1.5+ hrs runtime
  • 6 sound banks
  • In-hilt battery charging
  • Illuminated A/V switch
  • Blade flicker, flash, blaster block and lock-up
  • Colour changing


I've always been interested in electronics, models, props and making everything work, I also love [most] Science Fiction. It's quite natural then that I found myself building and repairing sabers. Of course these aren't the real thing, as of yet they are a physical imposibility, as of yet...

Sabers in this sense are best described as "LED Illuminated Swords" and that's as about as copyright infringing as most dare to get! There are many toys and even licensed replicas you can buy but most won't stand up to even moderate duelling. Some have multiple 5mm LEDs inside the blade and a good knock can break a connection and you end up with a dim spot. If you want to spar then the better (and simpler) illumination method is to have a very bright LED in the hilt and an empty replaceable blade. The LED is bright enough to cause the whole blade to glow as you enthusiastically battle!

The Custom Saber Shop is a great place to visit and get ideas for a saber build. There are other worthy methods of putting a custom saber together but TCSS's Modular Hilt System is a very good place to start. Be sure to play with the MHS Builder.


Without Sound

A saber without sound is commonly referred to to as a stunt saber. The hilt contains a battery pack, a switch, some form of current regulation (often a resistor) and a high power LED. Stunt sabers are often chosen as a less expensive way of getting into the saber hobby with a view to upgrading to sound later on, or they are bought for the sole purpose of duelling for audiences.

Since they lack electronics they also miss out on any blade flicker or flash effects. There are LED driver boards available which provide some blade effects, however, I would recommend a basic sound board instead as they are not significantly more expensive and offer so much more.

Prices are subject to hilt part selection of course, but it's about $170 for a MHS hilt with future sound upgrade in mind (space for recharge port and kill key)

With Sound

A saber with sound is very satisfying! In the past sound options were limited to sound boards extracted from toys. Plecter Labs changed all that with sound boards crafted specifically for the hobby.

Plecter offer a range of sound boards: Nano Biscotte, Petit Crouton PRIZM, Petit Crouton and the flagship Crystal Focus. All of these boards offer ignition, flicker, flash blade effects as well as ignition, swing and clash sounds. The more advanced boards also offer many additonal features such as blade colour changing and blaster block sound. For a full feature comparison please take a look at the board comparison chart.

For Nano Biscotte entry level sound (2 sound banks, blade flicker and clash effects) expect to pay about $350 depending on the parts you pick.



If your saber stops working and a recharge or battery replacement won't fix it then maybe it's time for a service.

  • Wiring check and reinforcement
  • Switch replacement
  • Battery holder replacement
  • Complete rewiring
  • Main LED reseating or replacement
  • Sound board diagnostics
  • MHS assembly assistance

$60/hour bench rate plus the cost of any parts.


Take your exisiting saber and add more features. Adding sound is likely the upgrade you'll appreciate most.

  • Battery upgrade to recharable Li-Ion
  • Plector Labs Sound boards
  • Hilt accent LEDs
  • In-hilt recharge
  • LED upgrade to Cree/RGB or colour swap
  • Add or change MHS parts
  • Speaker upgrade

$60/hour bench rate plus the cost of upgraded parts.


The Custom Saber Shop

Without TCSS many people wouldn't be able to buid their own saber for lack of parts or access to CNC machinary. The Modular Hilt System allows you to pick your own parts to fit together to make a custom hilt.

The Custom Saber Shop TCSS

Plecter Labs

Considered to be "Home of the saber sound board". Plecter specialise in making props work, be it with sounds, lights, music, action or all of those. If you want quality sound then get a Plecter sound board.

Plecter Labs Plecter Labs

Genesis Custom Sabers

If you want your saber to be more than a working prop, if you're looking for a true and unique piece of art (that also happens to be working a saber prop) then absolutely have a look at Genesis Custom Sabers.

Genesis Custom Sabers Genesis CS

Saber Guild

Saber Guild is an international LFL & Disney approved costume & choreographed lightsaber performance group. We make appearances for charity & other events. Echo Base Temple is the 1st Canadian SG location.

Saber Guild Echo Base Temple Echo Base Temple

Katasha Costumes

Once you have your custom saber you'll want to show it off and there's no better way than duelling in costume! Katasha Costumes can get you outfitted in complete custom Jedi (or Sith) robes handmade to order in Edmonton!

Katasha Costumes Jedi Robes Katasha Costumes