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Example If you'd like me to create a Website for you then I'm more than happy to discuss your needs. I specialise in Websites for individuals and small business and believe in charging a fair price. I offer three Website categories to suit most requirements, these are as follows:

Designing with Standards

The Websites I create are standards compliant, that is to say they conform to the guidelines set out by the W3C for HTML correctness and accessibility. Following the Valid XHTML link on each page will check the page for validity, valid pages will return a Passed validation result. Valid XHTML Valid CSS

Costs involved

I've laid out my three Website categories in the table below. In addition to the cost of development there are optional costs such as hosting and domain charges. Usually the former is free as most ISPs will give you free Webspace for hosting purposes as part of their monthly fee. The latter depends on if you actually need a domain or not, either way I suggest you read my guide.
TypeExampleRate $CDN
Simple static WebsiteKootenay Rockworks$100 per page
Premium static WebsiteFunkified Furniture$150 per page
Database WebsiteVideo Billboard$200 per page

Other things to consider

While you're thinking about a Website you may also wish to think about a logo. If you don't already have a logo then now is the ideal time to design one since it can be incorporated into your Website. You should consider updates, how are you going to keep your Website current? A Website should be updated as often as possible to keep it fresh.

Logo Development

TypeRate $CDN
Logo creation$40 per hour

Website Maintenance

Type$CDN (static)$CDN (database)
If I created the Website$40 per hour$60 per hour
If I didn't create the Website$50 per hour$80 per hour


To finish things up I've complied a modest collection of Web related tools, guides and information. Hopefully you'll find this a useful starting point. If you have any further questions just email me.


If you're thinking about asking me to create a Website for you then please look at my portfolio. It will give you an idea of what I can accomplish and perhaps you'll see some features you'd like to incorporate into your own site.

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